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Reasons for Choosing Haoxin
Reasons for Choosing Hotsun

Zhejiang Hotsun Household Products Co.,Ltd focus on the leading manufacturer of non stick pan focused on family health aluminum non stick pan

Big brand, Trustworthy

Hotsun in the "quality of clearance, reputation first" purpose, we have made many of the authority of the food safety certificate, such as FDA, LFGB, RoHS, SONCAP. At the same time, we always pay attention to the quality of products. Non stick coatings are used in well-known brands, such as dyflon (South Korean brands), up to (Japanese brands), wood withford and Teflon from DuPont (U. S. brand).

International Quality, Domestic Prices

Hotsun uses imported raw materials, the use of new technologies to reduce costs. Let our products closer to the end of the cost of living at the same time, do not reduce the quality of products, so that the real international quality, domestic prices.

Strong Technical Team, Supply Worries

Hotsun from orders order to product testing, product testing, product packaging, address check, each procedure has strict control and audit, ensure accurate delivery, and ensure the safety of products arrive in time, ensure the customer receives their purchase products in the first time! We have been trying!

Perfect After Sales Service System

Hotsun has a sound pre-sale, sale and after-sale system, to provide warranty service for all products, the foreign optical products because it is their own R & D, so do not have to worry about parts.

Company Introduction

Zhejiang Hotsun Household Products Co.,Ltd, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of aluminum non stick pan. Stretch series die-casting series, including frying pan, abalone, pizza pan, pan, soup pot, frying pan, grill pan, pot baking bread.
The new plant put into operation at the end of 2008, is located in Jinhua City, with 80000 square meters of factory buildings and 200 skilled workers and advanced production equipment, such as different million tons of liquid compression machine, automatic spraying line of CNC lathe. In addition, we will be in strict quality control system. >>More Details

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Zhejiang Hotsun Household Products Co.,Ltd.
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